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Low Latencies from glass-to-glass

Glass-to-Glass Latency... See itand believe it!  

Proven Low Latency IP Streaming Solution. 

With our cost-effective and high performance 4K/H.265 network video encoders, decoders, and highly tuned SRT, RTMPS and HLS/HTTPS protocols on VTCloud.LIVE  Streaming platform, we demonstrate a stable and reliable 15 Mbps live video stream contribution transmission from Singapore to China in under 2 to 10 secs over long distance public Internet link.  With our licensed premium protocols' technology, the same transmission is consistently under 3 secs with ultra-high reliability and stability.  Both IP Streaming/Transport Protocols  technology and solution are available to suit your desired business outcomes. 

Enable THGTV for full live-streaming coverage on recent SEA Games 2019 from Philippine IBC. Powered by VidTech streaming platform. Watch here.

Products & Services

VTCloud.LIVE - Private Cloud Based Streaming Platform offer as Managed Services. Leveraging VidTech's Network Video Encoding System for cost-effective streaming application service. (On Demand Service Package Approach)

VTB-NE100PH/PS (HD/H.265 HDMI or SDI Network Video Encoder) - Full HD@p60 HDR10 Resolutions; 4 Concurrent Video Process Cores for multi-platform and destination Live streaming.

VTB-NE4KHDR10P (Full 4K/H.265 HDMI Network Video Encoder) - Up to Full 4k@60fps Resolutions; 4 Concurrent Video Process Cores for multi-platform and destination Live streaming.

VTB-NE401P (4CH 4K/H.265 HDMI Network Video Encoder)- Up to 4k UHD Resolutions; 4x HDMI input with 4 Concurrent Video Process Cores each for multi-platform and destination Live streaming.

VTB-NE400PSU (1RU 4ch HD/H.265 SDI/HDMI Network Video Encoder)

VTB-ND200PD-SDI (4K/H.265 HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS Video Decoder)

VTB-ND200PD-SDI-1U (4ch 1RU 4K/H.265 HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS Video Decoder)

VTB-NDT4KP (4K/H.265 HDMI//CVBS Video Decoder/Transcoder) - Perfect solution for IP Video decoding and IP turnaround application.

VTB-MEQ8 4G/LTE Cellular Bonding HD/H.265 Video Encoder (Bonds 3x 4G/LTE SIMs, 1x Wi-Fi, 1x Ethernet WAN)

VTB-MEQ7 Compact mobile HD/H.265 Video Encoder (1x 4G/LTE SIMs, 1x Wi-Fi, 1x Ethernet WAN)

VTB-BRMF Mini Bonding Wi-Fi Router (Bonds 4x 4G/LTE SIMs, 1x Ethernet WAN)

VTB-HAWKEYE IP Multiviewer System support up to 20 HD Ch decode display and monitoring. 

Caton's live video contribution product family - IVP3000, NVP903/990, LCP300, CXG and RRS with unique  Caton Engine Technology (CTP Live  Streaming Protocol). 

Cydex3.0 Enterprise Accelerated Files Transfer Solution. Opt for short or long team managed Files Transfer Services.

UgridNet A total solution provider for CATV, SMATV and FTTH. Main focus on the telecommunication and broadband Industry. A leading supplier of CATV, FTTH/HFC Products.

Professional Broadcast Monitor Supply.

Video processing devices Supply:

  • Video switcher
  • USB capture
  • Multiviewer
  • Signal converter
  • Matrix switcher
  • Optical fibre converter
  • Distribution amplifier

Project based App and Web application development.

(Please reach out for a copy of the product information and discuss how we can assist further.)

Accelerated Fast Files Transfer Solution

 Live Event Streaming Platform Service with Customized microsite link.

Vidtech is now part of the SRT Alliance member and our streaming product has been qualified and approved  for SRT READY!


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Our solutioning approach starts with you communicating your desired business outcomes to us.  We then design and provide a minimum of two solutions and discuss the trade-offs of each solution with you in-depth. Over a few iterations, we jointly agree on a solution that achieves the best outcomes at the lowest price points while meeting functional requirement and timelines.

Our Story

Why Select Us As Your Solution Partner?

We are a team of experts in the video industry for satellite & terrestrial broadcasting, OTT tv, cloud, CDN, telcos, video contribution, backhaul and distribution over long distance public Internet links.

We understand customers’ requirement for cost effective, functional and future-proof solutions

We sit in a strategic position among high technology manufacturers and we provide high-quality assurance, experienced product and solution design and roadmap management

Our Customers Are...

  • Broadcasters and PayTV operators
  • TV NOCs and regulatory monitoring
  • Teleport operators and Media hubs
  • Television networks and studios
  • News agencies, correspondents, reporters, OB vans
  • IPTV & OTT service providers
  • Global carriers and telcos
  • Sports, eSports and event organizers and venues
  • Stadiums, International Broadcast Centres (IBC)
  • Education, teaching and campus broadcast
  • House of Worship
  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Hospitality and Digital Signage
  • Video conferencing
  • CCTV security camera and NVR (Network video recording)
  • FTTH / HFC Service Provider.

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